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that life insurance anymore than life insurance is now expired and that he has now been reduced and now it’s specifically to your situation to your hundred-thousand-dollar college would be taken care of and the first ten years of your room meeting mortgage at $100,000 would be taken care of as well the second thing when I mentioned was you purchase a 20 year term insurance for $100,000 because you know after the first time your drops off then you have 20 new case we have another 10 years remaining on your mortgage and that amount is going to be $100,000 not this is considering the other variables remaining constant that’s exactly how you’d wanted to turn in that so you separately that so you’re not paying or even though all three of these add up to exactly $400,000 he will a turing your shreds you perfectly and saving thousands of dollars in the process have in your very last night was the purchase the 30 year a hundred-thousand-dollar term insurance because it was $100,000 a reoccurring debt so I have a little over here this is right of the Weeping money on a need that does not correlate you will be taking a proactive step toward saving thousands of dollars utilizing this one little approach and please here please go the word this please look at this some more end in kind of determine what exactly did he even $400,000 30 year term and you’re just over over funding the policy you’re overpaying for term life insurance when you when you don’t have to you want to correlate it exactly to your need so let’s go over the review would we go I would have when your what do I just kick it with you I taught you how to turn the matter, you need to the immediate needs the current needs in the future needs how long do you need this coverage for whether that’s a 10 year 20 year 30 year term there’s different brackets on how you can correlate those specific task for specific needs to a term insurance policy and the one little trip ticket save you thousands of dollars on your term life insurance premiums so what do you do from here to make sure that you were paying the absolute cheapest possible term life insurance premiums and this is one thing that I stress is give a toll free number a call right now we have a 1 800 number and what we do is we we are they wear jeans and independent insurance agency so we have a higher division of retire sharp.com we have an entire division doesn’t need to 4 term life insurance and it will pull up that website again do this is the website it’s all retire shop.com have a couple of good ebooks different things like that but we have an entire section designated and over here you could set up different things we have we offer 24-hour cut a 24/7 customer service to give us a call at anytime but it’s not going to be a song and the dance we’re not going to be saying all you know you have to give us a call and we have to beat your face to face it’s nothing like that that is complete below me to do an evaluation we could do this is simply over the phone we could do it through video conferencing so you feel secure so that you know that you’re properly taken care of and rather than placing a square peg in a round hole our company is an independent insurance agency in because what does Nate the entire term insurance section with proprietary relationship we we have over two hundred different life insurance carriers to make sure that you were getting the cheapest possible rice without the BS this one little trick is as one of the tricks that I feel physically, but if my license insurance Representatives whatever they’re dealing with the clients over the phone and we have hundreds of other different chip different tricks out there the only thing that you need to provide us is your name how much life insurance like that you’re looking to have and that’s it here within 10 minutes we give you a quote we could tell you the right over the phone we could send you online applications regardless of where you are in the nation here we we handle all 50 states end we’re all voice importantly none of your information is shared it’s not like we’re getting one of the services that were selling your information out there and it’s people you know exactly who you are going to be dealing with my name is down to Foxy on the owner of this company this is the guy right over here near me it might be in my soup but the oddest thing you have me in the head set right now and it’s just the whole premise of my company what I wanted to really it was making sure that you guys were paying the absolute cheapest life insurance premiums out there and whether that’s retirement weather that your insurance needs you were doing it done efficiently and you’re basically getting done getting your basically being covered properly or members of the National Rifle Association we have hundreds of little tricks to make sure that you are being taken care of properly you’re paying the cheapest price yellow please click on the link and we’re going to have a link attached to this YouTube video and I will give us a call any time once again that number is +1-800-566-1002 and I look forward to helping with the helping you out as soon as my team and yell please give us a call and we’ll make sure that you get the cheapest the cheapest price on the possible Insurance Take Care thank you